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IslandDollars 15 Years Anniversary June 20th, 2021
The IslandDollars affiliate program launched 15 years ago on the 20th of June 2006. IslandDollars would like to take this opportunity to celebrate and give special thanks to all of our affiliates, producers and team for the continued efforts to promote our exclusive brands. Without our valued partnerships we would not be here today. We continue our resources and daily business activities into creating exclusive high quality 4K South East Asian ladyboy and girl content for your members to enjoy. The market conditions for the paysite industry have changed immense over the last 15 years but our ability to adapt and continue to please and satisfy our members has not. Frequently updated brand paysites worth paying and staying around for as the next exclusive update is always around the corner is the core of our business model. In the coming years it’s our vision to continue our focus on expanding the existing flagship brands. We continue to value your partnership and promotional efforts. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or need help in setting up promotions.

- The IslandDollars Team